Years back, options in carpets were restricted to few types like Persian carpets; but today suppliers in Durban are offering a range of quality types that are elegantly designed by professionals and made using a range of top-notch materials. From Coir and Crossley carpets to shaggy, sisal and grass carpets, all these varieties of rugs guarantees to upgrade your house or office to the highest level.
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Carpets Durban

Durban, South Africa
Carpets & Rugs is one of the prominent suppliers of quality carpets to the people of Durban. They offer many different types of carpets like coir, crossley, Persian, shaggy, sisal, Turkish and more. Made from top quality materials, these it ...

Weaver Carpets

45 Henwood Rd, New Germany, 3610, South Africa
Good carpets are those who, upon walking, should give you a feeling like you are walking on the clouds. Weaver, a Durban based company, offers such quality carpets that are made from the best possible materials. These carpets are soft, stro ...

Aluka Rugs

8 Trevor Rd, Westville, 3629, South Africa
Established in 1986, Aluka Rugs has been offering the best of carpets to the people of South Africa ever since. Aluka is based in Durban, their collection includes many different types of varieties like Belgian rugs, jute rugs and shaggy ru ...

Fotakis Brothers

14 Lanner Rd, Durban, 3620, South Africa
Fotakis Brothers is one of the most popular and trusted name in the carpets industry of Durban. A leading specialist of floor coverings, they offer an extensive range of carpets or rugs in large varieties that guarantees to meet all the end ...

Rugs Original

Old Main Rd, Hillcrest, 3650, South Africa
Rugs Original offers a large collection of Persian, oriental and modern rugs in Durban. All these rugs are made from a range of high standard materials. Plus they are designed by top and experienced professionals, who make sure that these p ...

Brabetz Rugs

31 Halifax Rd, New Germany, 3600, South Africa
Brabetz is one of the biggest contemporary rug manufacturers in Durban. Their collection includes many varieties for all your different and specific needs of bedrooms, living rooms, offices and more. In various fancy colors, these rugs are ...

Concept Carpets

30 Churchill Rd, Berea, 4001, South Africa
Beautiful design carpets are a crucial aspects of every home décor. Concept Carpets, with an experience of over three decades, offers such beautiful looking carpets in the market of Durban. Their inventory always stock many different types ...

Strickland Carpets

11 Ellingham Dr, Umhlanga, 4051, South Africa
Strickland Carpets is a Durban based business, offering a range of carpet and floor coverings that includes carpet tiles, vinyl sheeting and tiles, vinyl wood plank, as well as artificial grass. Their carpets come in many different types an ...

Used Carpets Durban

Durban, South Africa
Even if you are financially strong, buying carpets from a second hand market is not a bad idea. OLX is one of the leading online second hand markets, who list a wide range of most beautiful looking rugs at OLX's Durban category. All in top ...

Merles Carpets

Che Guevara Rd, Berea, 4013, South Africa
Merles Carpets is a renowned name in the carpet industry of South Africa. Based in Durban, they offer some of the most stunning looking rugs, which are designed by very experienced professionals. Top suppliers that they are in association w ...

Carpetland Durban

20 Che Guevara Rd, Berea, 4001, South Africa
Carpetland is truly a land of carpet; quality carpets in large varieties, might we add. With an experience of over four decades, they supply the best range of carpets in Durban. Their collection of these rugs ranges in different underlays, ...