Find complex lighting systems, led lights, lamps at the leading stores of Durban! There are many popular South African retailers, manufacturers and distributors working for generations in the field and making this industry more and more prominent and prosperous across the country. Shop from your desk, or visit one of the lighting stores in Durban and choose from a range of led lights at cost effective rates.
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Voltex Lighting

2 Brickworks Way, Durban North, 4051, South Africa
Voltex is a leading stockist and reseller of a comprehensive range of electrical and lighting products, based in Durban. As a retail owner or a distributor, you can join hands with the trusted company and earn your profits, with their exclu ...

Homie LED

48 Brickmakers Kloof, Upper Valley Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Homie LED in Durban brings you an affordable alternative to lighting your home. All the lights at the company store are powered through energy-friendly LEDs and will combine to save you up to 90% of the electricity you spend on lighting you ...

Regent Lighting Solutions

158 Kenneth Kaunda, Durban, South Africa
Regent Lighting Solutions in Durban, has become a multi faceted lighting company, specialising in the manufacture of customized luminaries for local and international projects. Their in-house capabilities allow them to fast track developmen ...


88 Lilian Ngoyi Rd, Berea, 4001, South Africa
Cobinlight is a specialized lighting design company, based in Durban. They expertise in importing exclusive luminaries and high quality switching systems! They are the manufacturers of cutting edge of lighting design. Decorate your house wi ...

Magic Lighting

238 Anleno Rd, Durban South, 4061, South Africa
Magic Lighting is one of South Africa’s most experienced and dynamic specialists of both festive and decorative lighting. Based in Durban, the company has always provided innovative and cutting edge lighting solutions. Their product range ...

Radiant Lighting

478 Chris Hani Rd, Durban North, 4051, South Africa
A wide selection of quality light fittings and fixtures from industrial to home use are available at Radiant based in Durban, South Africa. Their designer led lights are a class apart and it is bound to change the whole look of your house ...

HJ Lighting

40 Carlisle St, Durban, 4001, South Africa
Based in Durban, HJ Lighting gain and foster customer loyalty through the generations. Their latest designs and energy efficient led lights will be of great benefit to keep in your house or office. They specialize in architectural, commerci ...

Light Co

2 Ilala Ave, Durban, 4001, South Africa
Lighting adds a specific part in decorating your house. Light Co is your premiere destination in Durban for luxurious and functional indoor and outdoor lighting. Their new technology and products, enhance the development of domestic, commer ...

Zebbies Lighting

Umgeni Rd, Durban, 4001, South Africa
Zebbies Lighting, a national retailer of domestic lighting in Durban, imports lighting products direct from the manufacturers, providing to their stores with an exclusive designs at competitive prices. They offer a comprehensive lighting p ...