On Tap Showers

11 Browns Drift Rd, Durban North, 4051, South Africa
On Tap plumbing and bathrooms house is the first franchise opened in Durban to the serve the public. Offering first-rate showers of best brands they offer assorted shower arrays from aqua spray, multi jet, hand sprayer, stark and many more ...

Bathroom Bizarre Baths

Electron Rd, Springfield, Durban, 4091, South Africa
Although Bathroom Bizarre, a Durban based business who serve across South Africa, offers a large range of quality bathroom appliances and accessories like baths and taps, it is their price range that has been one of their biggest USP. Their ...


590 Riverside Rd, Durban North, 4051, South Africa
The availability of so many quality designs in bathroom taps has rather made them a luxury item. And when you are buying them Plumblink, that luxury becomes royalty. Plumblink is a renowned name in Durban, who offers the best of plumline ta ...

Cobra Bathroom Basins

Durban, South Africa
Cobra is one of the prominent suppliers in Durban who offers a range of quality essential products from bathroom to electric. Their bathroom section includes a beautiful collection of bathroom basins. These basins are made from new-age stur ...

PlumbCrazy Taps

1 Myrtle Rd, New Germany, 3600, South Africa
Among other products like shower and toilets, bathroom taps has been one of the highest sellers of PlumbCrazy; and why not after all they offer so many quality options to their customers in this niche? And these various quality varieties ha ...

Grohe Showers

731 Chris Hani Rd, Durban North, 4051, South Africa
Are you living in Durban and looking for some stunning types of showers at lucrative rates but first-rate quality? Then Grohe is the destination for you! They have assembled some swish and international range products for an unbeatable show ...

CTM Showers

Durban, South Africa
Check out the exotic range of showers from CTM, one of the finest shower selling companies in Durban, where you get more style and make big savings. Shower enclosures, shower doors, shower panels, bath shower screens, shower flooring soluti ...

Tiletoria Baths

24 Edwin Swales Drive, Durban, South Africa
Different people needs different types of baths; and keeping this in mind, Tiletoria offers a wide variety in this niche, ensuring each of their customers’ demand is satisfied sufficiently. These varieties are made by some of the leading ...

Libra Bath

892 Umgeni Rd, Durban, 4001, South Africa
Libra Bath is one of the specialist brands baths and shower trays in South Africa. Their baths comes in different styles like freestanding, corner, oval and rectangular. These different styles or varieties, along with the high quality mater ...

Cobra Showers

Durban, South Africa
Cobra, a South African icon has and international collection of showers at most affordable pricing rates. With an all-inclusive series from hand shower sets, hoses, handspray, riser pipes, shower accessories, shower arms, shower diverters, ...

Hangsgrohe Taps

2 Wiltshire Rd, Pinetown, 4147, South Africa
Hangsgrohe is one of the most recognized names in the bathroom and kitchen fittings industry of South Africa. Their retailers are located in Durban, although they offer a range of products, it is their bathroom taps collection that has sold ...

CTM Bathroom Taps

Durban, South Africa
CTM is not an unknown name in South Africa; not at least to the people in Durban. They offer arrange of quality items like bathroom appliances, showers, tiles and laminates and more. Their stock of bathroom taps, which has been one of their ...

Vaalsan Basins

Durban, South Africa
Are you looking for counter top bathroom basins? Or maybe those drop in ones? Regardless what you need or want, Vaalsan, a Durban based business, has every type of bathroom and kitchen basins. These items are made by some globally renowned ...

Classic Trading Basins

9 Acaciafield Cl, Durban, 4051, South Africa
If you are looking for beautiful bathroom basins, you wouldn’t find any better than from Classic Trading. The company in Durban, is a renowned name in the luxury bathroom industry of South Africa. Their collection of basins are made and r ...

CTM Baths

Durban, South Africa
CTM offers many different varieties of baths that has eventually made them a favourite destination for the buyers in Durban; from built-in and corner baths to free standing and bath mixtures. Add to these that various colour options they pr ...